Hello, I’m Millie

Thoughtfully staring into the distance

I’m Millie, a just 5 month old Cockapoo puppy (Feb 2019). I am of course extremely cute, and I never, ever do anything wrong, it’s just that my human doesn’t understand how exciting some things are. I mean, she will sit and stare at pieces of paper – just what is the point of that! Does she not realise that tearing them up and running round the house with them is far more fun? I’m guessing she doesn’t as every time I do that she tries to stops me.

Anyway, just recently she’s been talking about preparing the van so that we can go on our first trip. I’ve heard people talking about how difficult it might be to park the van because of its length. But I’ve had a quick look inside and it’s not long at all, it’s tiny! How am I supposed to play fetch in it I don’t know. No idea what these preparations are all about either, people make no sense sometimes.

The Human perspective: Millie’s mother is a show Cocker Spaniel, and her father an apricot Miniature Poodle. She is very cute, and very, very lively! I thought that a show cocker mother would mean a calmer puppy – I was wrong.

The van is a 2014 Autosleeper Kingham. It’s 6.36m long, hence the concern about parking.


I had a trip away in October and the length wasn’t really a problem, there wasn’t anywhere I couldn’t park. My ideal van would be a narrow one for driving, and then when parked it would expand widthways to give more space inside. 

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